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Hands-Only CPR Can Save Someone You Love

(NewsUSA) - Each year, June 1-7 is designated as CPR and AED Awareness Week. This year, the significance is especially striking. As most Americans continue to spend more of their time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, the odds of cardiac arrests in a home setting are likely to increase, according to the American Heart Association.

  • icon Posted: May 29

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Thursday 05/28/2020
‘Breathe Easier’ Healthcare Donation Program
Updated: May 30, 2020 - 2:33 am

(NAPSI)—Healthcare workers on the front lines of the pandemic are in desperate need of creative solutions to the lack of personal protective gear and supplies that help block harmful airborne pathogens. But civic-minded companies can help. 

For example, NasalGuard Airborne Particle Blocker, an electrostatic topical nasal gel that prevents airborne particles from entering the nose, created the “Breathe Easier Healthcare Workers Donation Program.” The firm offers free nasal gel to any healthcare professional who’d like to try it. Requests can be sent via

“NasalGuard is drug-free and safe for children, the elderly, pregnant or nursing women, and those concerned about potential drug interactions with other medications,” says Kanika Wahi, a biomedical engineer and co-inventor of the micriofiltration technology. “As people take protective measures to help themselves during this time, NasalGuard is another tool in their arsenal of prevention. We at NasalGuard are proud to support the frontline healthcare workers as well as anyone else in need of preventative products.” 

The company has long believed in giving back and has donated thousands of units of NasalGuard Airborne Particle Blocker nationally and internationally through a number of well-known charitable organizations. 


Monday 05/18/2020
History Channel Unlocks the Greatness of Ulysses S. Grant
Posted: May 18, 2020

(NewsUSA) - Ulysses S. Grant may be one of the most complex and underappreciated generals and presidents in United States history, but he gets his due at last in a six-hour miniseries, "Grant," that premieres on HISTORY over Memorial Day weekend.

Wednesday 05/13/2020
Heart Attacks Aren't Cancelled, Call 911
Posted: May 13, 2020

(NewsUSA) - Even during a pandemic, such as COVID-19, other emergencies don't just go away. Heart attacks and strokes require immediate medical attention. The American Heart Association recommends that calling 911 and getting to the hospital quickly if you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms is your best chance for survival, and continues to be a safe option.

Wednesday 05/06/2020
Law Firm Promotes Peaceful, Principled Policies
Posted: May 06, 2020

(NewsUSA) - In America, people enjoy individual freedoms, and for the most part, they are able to express them as long as they don't restrict the rights and freedoms of others.

Helping Veterans and Active Duty Military Cope With Social Isolation
Posted: May 06, 2020

(StatePoint) As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of veterans and active duty military personnel are on lockdown, many suffering from traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or substance abuse. With the additional challenge of social isolation, finding ways to combat depression, anxiety and loneliness is critical.

Friday 05/01/2020
How Families and Communities Can Prepare for Natural Disasters
Posted: May 01, 2020

(StatePoint) Natural disasters are increasing in severity and frequency. However, studies show that advance planning can keep individuals healthier and safer and support faster recovery for communities.

Monday 04/27/2020
Iran Receives Influx of American Aid
Posted: April 27, 2020

(NewsUSA) - In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for global humanitarian action is urgent. Some good news: Capital Commodities, a global entrepreneurial management company, has received a license to export goods to Iran.

Thursday 04/23/2020
Companies and Community Seek to Help Furloughed Workers
Updated: May 30, 2020 - 2:33 am

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored News - The coronavirus has spread throughout the United States like wildfire. Workers are being furloughed, resulting in almost 17 million unemployment claims between March 15th and April 4th.

Screen Time App Sets Safe Boundaries
Updated: May 29, 2020 - 2:33 am

(NewsUSA) - A consequence of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is that children are spending more time with screens than ever before. Schools request online class meetings, while working parents find themselves turning to other educational sites and games to keep kids entertained during extended time at home.

Monday 04/20/2020
How Communities Can Fight The Coronavirus Pandemic And PPE Shortage
Updated: April 23, 2020 - 2:30 am

(NAPSI)—As devastating as Corona­virus (COVID-19) is, there are some bright spots. Consider this: With healthcare workers facing critical shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE), Synchrony, a premier consumer financial services company, is leading a new initiative with businesses, consumers, employees, and non-profits called #GearUp that aims to equip frontline public health personnel and first responders in local communities around the country with protective gear. 

What’s Being Done 

1.Creating 3D-Printed Face Shields—Marshalling assistance from the technology, manufacturing, and philanthropic communities, Synchrony and the Synchrony Foundation—which supports communities affected by the coronavirus pandemic—is partnering with Stephens Direct and Protoduction 3D as well as global charity Brother’s Brother Foundation to produce and distribute thousands of face shields to serve communities in need. In addition, the company’s employees around the U.S. are creating face shields and face masks using its 3D printers and even their own. They’re sharing templates, providing coaching, and coordinating distribution. 

2.Sewing to Save Lives—In collaboration with 14,000 small to medium-sized sewing businesses, Synchrony is encouraging its 140,000 “Sewing and More” credit cardholders to create protective masks, gowns and gloves. Cardholders who make purchases automatically receive a statement credit to help them defray the costs of purchasing materials needed to create the protective gear. The company is also teaming up with small business partner Jenny Pollard Nobile of Pollard’s Sew Creative to provide volunteers with sewing patterns and logistical details for handmade face masks.

3.Enabling a Network of Donations—Synchrony has donated thousands of face masks to hospitals and first responder organizations around the world. The company also enhanced its employee matching gifts program to temporarily triple employees’ donations to non-profits supplying PPE for health care providers and frontline workers as well as local food banks, matching employees’ giving 2:1. 

In addition, Synchrony and the Synchrony Foundation have committed $5 million to support hunger-relief organizations and local communities in the wake of the pandemic. 

What You Can Do 

Be part of the solution by participating in the #GearUp program. Learn how at

In addition, you can help protect yourself and the people you care about. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests taking everyday preventive steps:

•Staying home, especially if you’re sick

•Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

•Washing your hands often for at least 20 seconds

•Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue

•Wear a cloth face covering when you go out 

•Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces. 

For more information, visit


Thursday 04/09/2020
Bartering is Back in Coronavirus Economy
Updated: May 07, 2020 - 2:32 am

(NewsUSA) - The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, continues to impact the economy in many ways, one of which has been the surge in popularity of the barter economy.

Thursday 04/02/2020
Keeping Senior Loved Ones Close When a Physical Visit Isn't Possible
Updated: May 05, 2020 - 2:32 am

(NewsUSA) - On a typical day, the average person doesn't think about how it feels to go days with little human connection or interaction.

Friday 03/27/2020
Company Steps Up to Keep Health Care Workers Healthy
Updated: May 02, 2020 - 2:33 am

(NewsUSA) - As the ongoing spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) reshapes American lives by the day, and sometimes by the hour, the health and stability of the nation's essential work force, namely our health care workers and first responders, remains paramount.

Wednesday 03/18/2020
How Your Business Can Survive The Coronavirus
Updated: April 25, 2020 - 2:32 am

(NewsUSA) - As the world has hit the metaphorical panic button during the rise of Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases worldwide, the daily reality for people and businesses is rapidly changing.

Wednesday 03/04/2020
5 Interesting Things You May Not Know About the Peace Corps
Posted: March 04, 2020

(StatePoint) A lot has changed about the world since the Peace Corps was founded nearly six decades ago, but its mission remains the same: to promote world peace and friendship between Americans and people around the world. Established 59 years ago, the agency and former volunteers nationwide recently celebrated its anniversary.

Friday 01/17/2020
Hollywood Legends Recruit Military Caregiver Champions
Posted: January 17, 2020

(NAPSI)—Academy Award winner Tom Hanks is rallying the nation behind America’s military caregivers with help from the legacy of a legend, Bob Hope. Hanks launched the Military Caregiver Champion program with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation to fund resources for the 5.5 million Americans voluntarily caring for a loved one who was wounded, made ill or injured through military service. Hope’s daughter, Linda Hope, was the first to join the campaign, donating $1 million on behalf of the Bob and Dolores Hope Foundation.

Friday 01/10/2020
Sorting Through the Research on Aspirin
Updated: March 05, 2020 - 2:35 am

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored News - When you think of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, it would be hard not to think of aspirin: one of the most common, useful, safe, and effective OTC medicines in the world. But there has been a flurry of media coverage recently regarding aspirin, particularly concerning whether people should continue taking it for cardiovascular benefits. These news reports were the result of an updated 2019 primary prevention guidelines issued by the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and the American Heart Association (AHA). Unfortunately, some of the media coverage has potentially created confusion for Americans who are taking aspirin.

Monday 01/06/2020
Choosing Schools - All Kids Learn Differently
Updated: March 04, 2020 - 2:32 am

(NewsUSA) - Later this month, the nation's largest-ever celebration of educational opportunity will kick off. During National School Choice Week (Jan 26-Feb 1), 50,000 events and activities around the nation will raise awareness about K-12 education choices.

Wednesday 12/11/2019
Lighting Up The Holidays For Children In The Hospital
Posted: December 11, 2019

(NAPSI)—The holidays may be the most wonderful time of the year, but the reality is, many children won’t be able to enjoy time with family at home. Instead of shopping for gifts and trimming the tree, countless children will be in the hospital, fighting to get stronger. Missing family traditions. Missing holiday events. Missing waking up to see that Santa has visited.

Friday 12/06/2019
Sisters Reunited After 72 Years Apart
Posted: December 06, 2019

(NAPSI)—Armed conflict, international disasters and migration can mean tragic separation for too many families. But there is hope—and you can play a role.

Tuesday 12/03/2019
Taking Time to Reflect on The Needs of The Family Caregiver
Updated: February 21, 2020 - 2:30 am

(NewsUSA) - As loved ones begin to age, many will take on the honorable role of becoming a caregiver. However, caring for an older adult can be time-consuming, reducing the ability to address your own needs. In fact, Home Instead Senior Care found that 63 percent of family caregivers said caring for their aging loved ones made it more difficult to care for themselves.

Wednesday 11/27/2019
How to Help Feed Hungry Families this ‘Giving Tuesday’
Posted: November 27, 2019

(StatePoint) More than 37 million Americans face hunger at home every day. One of the ways you can lend a helping hand is by participating in Giving Tuesday, a worldwide movement to encourage people and corporations to celebrate generosity and do good for their communities.

Tuesday 11/26/2019
How People With Low Vision Can Stay Safe And Independent
Posted: November 26, 2019

(NAPSI)—People with low vision have blind spots that can make it difficult or impossible to drive, read or see faces. These impairments cannot be corrected by surgery or glasses. What’s more, too many are blind to the realization that much can be done to improve their quality of life.

Friday 11/22/2019
Five-Star Caribbean Resort Caters to Every Taste
Updated: February 13, 2020 - 2:41 am

(NewsUSA) - Many of today's travelers seek a sense of community and connection at their destinations. Travelers seeking a Caribbean getaway with a welcoming feel and local flavor need look no further than the Bay Gardens Resorts on the beautiful island of St. Lucia.

Thursday 11/21/2019
Scientist's Book Warns of Lethal Emerging Pandemic Viruses
Updated: February 07, 2020 - 2:37 am

(NewsUSA) - In 1918, a mutated, deadly strain of the "Flu" (or Influenza), swept around the world to cause the third deadliest plague in recorded human history. Published research suggests the final global death toll may have arguably been as high as 100 million. Yet, despite two decades of biologic event preparedness at the cost of well over $80 billion, the U.S. remains unprepared to handle a flu pandemic of a similar scale if one should occur, contends Dr. Steven Hatfill, a specialist physician and virologist with training in mass casualty management and emergency response.

Thursday 11/14/2019
Connecting Veterans And Volunteers Nationwide
Posted: November 14, 2019

(NAPSI)—If you would like to help a veteran, if you are a veteran who needs extra help, or know of one in your community, here’s good news. There’s a new, nationwide resource that makes it easy to match civic-minded individuals with those who need a little assistance. The database, called, was created by DAV (Disabled American Veterans), a nonprofit charity that helps veterans get their benefits and services.

Wednesday 11/13/2019
5 Foster Care Facts
Posted: November 13, 2019

(NAPSI)—When a child or youth is placed into foster care, their safety and well-being become the shared responsibility of the community. Organizations such as the nonprofit Treehouse are an important part of the solution. Staff and volunteers work to provide childhood experiences everyone deserves, connection to resources and a successful launch into adulthood.

Veterans Commemorate 50th Anniversary Of Vietnam War With ‘Alive Day’ Stories
Posted: November 13, 2019

(NAPSI)—Army veteran Ron Hope was piloting a helicopter in Vietnam to extract a company of soldiers, when he was shot down. His left brachial plexus—the network of nerves that sends signals from the spinal cord to the arm and hand—was crushed. He also broke both legs, suffered compound fractures in six vertebrae and had third-degree burns covering 55 percent of his body.

Wednesday 11/06/2019
Separated by Crisis, Reunited by Volunteers
Posted: November 06, 2019

(NAPSI)—Each year, armed conflicts and natural disasters wreak havoc on a global scale. Yet even after the immediate crisis passes, the devastation can last much longer—particularly when families are torn apart amidst circumstance and chaos.

Volunteers Needed To Answer The Call
Posted: November 06, 2019

(NAPSI)—When an emergency strikes, firefighters are there to answer the call. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that fire departments responded to over 35 million calls in 2016. What people may not realize is that the majority of these firefighters are volunteers, donating their time and energy to be there for those in need.

Monday 11/04/2019
5 Ways to Thank Those Making a Difference This Holiday Season
Posted: November 04, 2019

(StatePoint) The people who go above and beyond in making a difference in the lives of others are rarely in it for recognition.  The holiday season is a perfect time to not just show these selfless people your appreciation, but also take inspiration from their spirit of generosity. Here are five simple ways to say thank you.

Saturday 11/02/2019
How to Honor Native Veterans this Native American Heritage Month
Posted: November 02, 2019

(StatePoint) November is Native American Heritage Month, a great time to honor the legacy and service of Native American veterans of the U.S. military. Here are a few ways to do so this month and beyond.

Friday 11/01/2019
Why Communities Nationwide Need More Afterschool Programs
Posted: November 01, 2019

(StatePoint) Research shows that afterschool programs not only help keep kids safe, but also help them succeed in school and life. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough such programs in the country today, experts say. 

Thursday 10/17/2019
How Kids Can Make a Difference by Including Others
Posted: October 17, 2019

(StatePoint) Bullying among kids continues to be the number one social issue facing this demographic, according to YouthBeat research. This is why Cartoon Network, PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center and 826 National are taking action to promote inclusion, acceptance and kindness to unite communities and help keep kids safe.

Wednesday 10/16/2019
Schools Can Play an Instrumental Role in Empowering Young Leaders
Posted: October 16, 2019

(StatePoint) From encouraging dialogue on mental health to initiating grassroots fundraising efforts for pediatric cancer, students across the country are choosing issues they’re passionate about and generating real change. Parents, educators and community members may ask a pertinent question: how can we develop this initiative in every child?

Tuesday 08/27/2019
Tackling the Housing Affordability Crisis
Posted: August 27, 2019

(StatePoint) As housing prices soar nationwide, a growing number of Americans are unable to find affordable housing. Experts say that the problem has reached a crisis point, and is harming the welfare not only of individuals and families, but of communities and the economy at-large.  

Wednesday 06/19/2019
Is Your Supermarket Reducing Plastic Pollution?
Posted: June 19, 2019

(StatePoint) Plastic pollution is a crisis for communities, oceans and waterways, according to environmental experts, who point out that supermarkets -- as major contributors to the growing problem -- are in an important position to acknowledge and address the issue.

Tuesday 06/11/2019
Inspiring Men to Do Good this Father’s Day
Posted: June 11, 2019

(StatePoint) With so many negative messages about masculinity floating around these days, some say it’s important to spend some time focusing on the positive. Doing so can help give men the confidence they need to be their best selves.

Tuesday 06/04/2019
Secrets to Overachievement, from Priyanka Chopra Jonas
Posted: June 04, 2019

(StatePoint) The definition of an overachiever is someone who goes above and beyond their daily responsibilities to make a positive impact on the world.

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