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Having Heavy Menstrual Bleeding? It Might Be Uterine Fibroids. Here’s What You Need to Know.

(BPT) – <em>Sponsored by AbbVie</em><strong>“Normal” Versus Heavy Menstrual Bleeding</strong>When does menstrual bleeding stop being “normal” and start being considered heavy? Doctors often use the following examples as signs of heavy bleeding: bleeding that lasts more than seven days, bleeding that soaks through one or more tampons or pads every hour for several hours in a row, bleeding that requires wearing […]

Add Seafood to Summer Meals

(<a href=”http://www.familyfeatures.com”>Family Features</a>) Grilled meals provide a summer escape for many families by offering opportunities to spend moments together while enjoying flavorful dishes. As Americans face uncertainty in many aspects of life, one place they should be able to turn to for normalcy is food.One option that checks boxes including comfort, fun, taste and variety: seafood. As a nutritious protein […]

What’s the Secret to Getting the Best Skin of Your Life?

(BPT) – Your skin is your body’s largest organ, which means that it needs extra care every day to keep it in tip-top shape, whether that means avoiding sun exposure, not smoking, limiting your consumption of Merlot, drenching your skin with hyaluronic acid, or exfoliating weekly. But these good habits can only take your skin so far. Over time, you’re […]

Simple solutions to create a modern home oasis

Need headache relief? How to treat the 4 most common types

Shop Your Way to an Organized Closet

(<a href=”http://www.familyfeatures.com”>Family Features</a>) If you often find yourself standing in front of a closet bursting with clothes but can’t find anything to wear, it may be time for a makeover – not only for your wardrobe, but for your closet, too.A recent survey of 1,000 women conducted by ClosetMaid revealed that 44 percent can’t find an item in their closet […]

Zumbro steps down as Lady Raider leader

Matt Zumbro is stepping down at head coach of the Lady Raiders to focus on his family.

What’s the Secret to Getting the Best Skin of Your Life?